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  1. dunno but I think its cos u don’t hve to buy them at start of round and the animations are hard to code maybe

  2. -Stop begging for items. This website is not affiliated with Riot or Valorant. Not a single Valorant dev will see your messages
    -Stop throwing out your valorant id. Some idiot might try to scam you, saying that they’re from the dev team and want to give you stuff for free in exchange for the password
    -Stop throwing hate and complaints to the website mods. They literally show you featured items and nothing more. If you have a complaint, just send a ticket to Valorant Support. They even give you 50VP if you ask nicely and give them a drawing.

  3. LOL these kids asking to put stuff in their store…its random and the guys that made this site arent even Valorant workers. I saw one kid asking for prime vandal 2.0 LOLOLOLOL

  4. lol all this kids in the comment section saying to put something in the shop, bro the shop is random lel

  5. can i have reaver vandal in my shop i spend 30 dollars and am plannign to spend more i just want reaver ign is Kyuツ#5472

  6. Can i have reaver vandal in my store..i will buy it as soon as it show in my store..

  7. plzz put prime vandal 2.0 in my store plzzz i have been waiting form past one month id “kartikey48”

  8. Please bring back the singularly specter into my shop, my riot is “FartyPerson” , and I’ve been saving my money and have been waiting for it. Or the forsaken ritual blade or the reaver knife. Bring one back pls!

  9. The itemshop y different for everyone
    No one can predict when is going to be a skin in the itemshop

  10. They actually do shit you retarded and they check the shop daily and code retard so it’s organised fat fuck gtfo

  11. is this really a good business model making rotations on skins, if I want to buy a skin I can’t, dont they lose money on that?

    1. i tihink yes,like i wan t the reaver vandal very much and is not coming plsssss brin the reaver vandal in this rotation

  12. dear valorant? can you please bring back the blast x colection oor atleast the speacter on monday april 19

    1. no you just happen to have a bad 1 it doesnt suck its just an add on anyways if it wasnt there you wouldnt care its just an extra

  13. 22 days no oni phantom no ion phantom no glitch pop phantom no reaver vandal no glitch pop vandal no elderflame vandal

    1. I have been waiting for blastx phantom since a month and wanted to buy reaver vandal from like December (got it in april yea) so don’t think blastx is coming soon. 🙁

  14. i need singularity or glitchpop phantom in the shop as soon as possible pls i have already payed my money

    1. get glitchpop i have singularity and i regret buying it, i got over it so fast. I wish i waited I couldve gotten the prime phantom or glitchpop phantom.

    1. Please PUT A PHANTOM IN THE STORE FOR UNDER 2000 pls i need new phantom skin with animation

    1. I got tired of it very quick and all the variants are basically the same but the prime 2.0 phantom is sick

  15. No i hate to say this but its like, well fortnite if its in the battlepass it never comes to the shop

  16. Singularity Knife or Spectre please. Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz

  17. I’m waiting since 2 months for the sovereign ghost skin.. The last 3 days was the reaver op skin in the daily shop.

    Perfect, love my life.

  18. why are people asking for items here lol. this place has nothing to do with the game other than showing shop items. they have 0 ties to riot, and absolutely 0 pull when it comes to putting stuff in shop. people never cease to amaze me.

  19. can we please have the glichedpop knife back in store once please please i want that and only that knile

    so please

    1. aryan its never coming back featured but everyones shop rotations is different so its bound to pop up there simetime

      1. is neer gonna come back but you can probably get all the skins serperatly when they come out in the daily rotatoipn