VALORANT: New Map Fracture is Coming in Reflection: Act II

Riot Games has released a teaser for new map, Fracture, that is coming to Valorant in Reflection, Act II. Check it out below, and read on for more details.

Uncover Fracture // Official Map Teaser – VALORANT

Release Date

The Seventh map to join the game is set to release alongside Episode 3: Reflection, Act 2 on Wednesday, September 8th. Like previous new acts, this one will be a big update, featuring a new Battle Pass, and more. However, this time, the new map will be joining the game instead of a new Agent.

Fracture will be the newest map following Breeze, which arrived back in Episode 2, Act 3.


Fracture has an interesting H-shaped layout design, and features long ziplines and neutral spaces, giving players a different experience. Also, unlike previous maps, Defenders spawn in the centre, while Attackers spawn on either side of the map. The map also features two contrasting environments, with the A-Site having a desert-like landscape and the B-Site having a lush green, and foliage scenery.

Brian Yam, Valorant’s Lead Artist, has explained some insight on the story of the map:

“We wanted to create a distinctive visual split for the two sides of the map to suggest that an accident occurred, which resulted in timeline a fracture caused by a rift. We wanted to create a unique visual that supported the narrative of a covert experiment gone wrong.”

In regards to the contrasting environments, Brian Yam explains:

“A -Site is distinguished by its arid desert environment with its abandoned facilities deteriorating. B-Site is contrasted by lush, overgrown foliage left to take over the science facility.”

There you have it! Stay tuned for more Reflection, Act 2 Details.

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