VALORANT: Arrive on Breeze // Map Reveal

You are now arriving at our Caribbean getaway, Breeze. Don’t get too comfortable. Open spaces and long range engagements await on Breeze, landing in Act III.

The sixth map to join the pool will launch with the Episode 2 Act 3 update, which is set to go live on Tuesday, April 27. It will then be available in both regular and ranked play.

Developer Devon Fay had some words to say about the map.“Breeze was heavily inspired by the islands in the Caribbean. We loved the old forts and tropical beaches. After the cold, angular world of Icebox, we were really excited for the open, bright, colorful world of Breeze,” said Fay.

Breeze Map Reveal:

Breeze Mini-Map

Valorant’s Breeze features two open area bombsites, with wide areas to take fights in. The biggest emphasis of breeze are these wide areas with long sight-lines, considering that many of Valorant’s maps feature tight corridors and enclosed spaces.

Site A features two Radianite towers in the middle with a cooling pool, as well as various boxes for cover. On the other hand, site B is a lot more open, centered around a big pillar. There are two chokepoints leading into the site, which makes it a bit easier to defend, but harder to take.

Interestingly there seems to be one-way ziplines that players can take to rotate between the sites. There are doors that allow players to get from one side of the map to the other as well.

Check out some other shots of new map: Breeze below.

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