The Night Market is Back for a Limited Time

Once again, the Valorant Night Market makes a return! The Night Market shop features six limited time offers that players can grab. There will be a designated Night Market Shop section where players can find their shop.

This time around, ‘Bad Luck Protection’ has been added to guarantee your offers are exciting. Here’s what’s new:

  • If you don’t own every PE (Premium Edition), you’ll get at least 2 PEs in your pool.
  • You won’t get more than 2 of the same weapon.
  • If either of the above would result in you getting less than 6 offers, you will receive up to 6 offers from what’s available to you.

Since these skins and discounts are randomly generated, they will be different for each player. These offers will not rotate either, so hopefully players get a skin they want to purchase in their shop.

The Night Market will only be available until February 23rd, so if you want something, act soon!

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