Champions Weekend: Map Reveal, Fan Fest, and Grand Finals

A world champion will be crowned at the Kia Forum when VALORANT stars converge this weekend in Los Angeles.

The brightest stars in VALORANT will converge this weekend in Los Angeles, with a world champion to be crowned Saturday night from the legendary Kia Forum.

After a year of highlight reel aces and last-second clutches, the field of Champions Los Angeles has whittled from 16 world-class squads to the final four.


The action begins on Thursday, Aug. 24, with the Upper-Bracket Final & Lower-Bracket Semifinal (both best-of-three). Friday, Aug. 25, will see our first best-of-five of the tournament in the Lower-Bracket Final. And on Saturday, Aug. 26, the match that will change careers and shift legacies forever — the VALORANT Champions 2023 Grand Final.

Opening Ceremony


Before the climactic ending on Saturday, make sure to tune into the Champions Gold Carpet pre-show for the debut of the next VALORANT map. We’ll also bring together some of the largest names in VALORANT, music, and gaming. This marquee event will prepare you for the Champions Grand Final like no other.

Proceeding the Gold Carpet, be ready for the Grand Finals Opening Ceremony as Grabbitz, bbno$, and more take the spotlight to kick off the biggest match of the year in all of VALORANT.



Something big is on the horizon. Tune into the VALORANT Champions Los Angeles pre-show on August 25 and 26, starting around 8:00pm CEST for a reveal of what’s to come at the dawn of Episode 7 Act 2.

Fan Fest


The final stop of the tour will be at VALORANT Champions Fan Fest during all three days of finals at the Forum. A ticket for Finals matches is required for entry, and ticket holders should be sure to get to the venue early to catch all the pre-show action.

The space outside of the KIA Forum will be transformed into a massive fandom area, complete with food, games, and some familiar faces. Come and meet your favorite teams, check out some amazing art, pose with cosplayers, and more as we set the stage for the incredible action of the VCT Champions Finals. Fan Fest doors are open from 5pm to 8pm CEST on August 24-26.

Say hi to your fellow VALORANT community and use #VALORANTChampions to share your content.



All the world’s a stage on Finals weekend with 7 in-person VALORANT marquee watch parties—bigger than before. Fans around the world can be one step closer to Champions with activations, PC setups, giveaways, merchandise, and more.

  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Santiago, Chile
  • Lima, Peru
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Salvador, Brazil
  • São Paulo, Brazil

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The party is in LA, but the competition is global. We’ve partnered with a few regional friends to add some local flair to your VCT Champions collection. Merchandise offered only in the respective regions listed below, check the links for more information.

BRAZIL – No Future

How would Raze leave her mark in history? Probably with a spray can. Riot Brazil and No Future Collab presents a t-shirt to keep in mind not just Champions 2023, but all the love Brazilians have for VALORANT and Raze. ONE MORE way to express our passion for this community.

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CHINA – Blessing in Disguise by Billy Yin

“I am Billy, a designer rooted in the Chinese VALORANT player community. As a gamer and designer, both Riot Games and fashion have been important elements in my growth. I have never imagined that one day I could actually bring up my design and style to Riot and VALORANT. ”— Billy Yin

Being a VALORANT player not only means that you can play the game, but also gives you the stage to unleash your creativity both in and out of the game. The China VAL community always welcomes you to express your individuality and showcase your talent!

KOREA – GoalStudio

Korea goes to Los Angeles with Goal Studio. Goal Studio always wanted to spread positive spirits in sports and now with VALORANT Champions. This shirt has the right mixture of DANCHEONG, the colorful, majestic decoration of traditional Korean architecture and RAZE’s colors.

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Isa pa? Game na! with TeamManila x Champions 2023. In this collaboration, we unite this relatable mantra for players with sleek graphic design in a signature TeamManila t-shirt. Win or lose, true champions are always up for one more game!

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INDONESIA – Kremlin Clothing

Bridging worlds with Kremlin Clothing x Champions 2023. From the heart of Indonesia to the pulse of LA, we’re weaving Mega Mendung batik into the fabric of esports. This hoodie is for champions who break boundaries!

Follow VALORANT Indonesia for more info.

JAPAN – vaultroom [SOLD OUT]

vaultroom is a brand at the heart of the Japanese gaming community. We’re proud to bring this collaboration to life via vaultroom’s signature embroidery, and share back the support from all VALORANT fans in Japan!

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EMEA – Les Benjamins

EMEA is represented by Les Benjamins, an Istanbul-based fashion brand encompassing a retail-space and lifestyle brand. Les Benjamins represents a vision of the contemporary East, from a unique point-of-view.

Follow VALORANT EMEA for more info.

LATAM – Tinnie

“I was 14, when I came across Riot Games, their artistic work fueled my passion for art and design. Now, over 10 years later, the dream of collaborating with the game that I love just became true.” —Tinnie

Our collaboration with Tinnie, comes straight from the heart of our community, she’s an incredible designer, bringing her unique style to this amazing collab. UNO MAS!

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VALORANT and Brownies & Lemonade are coming together for a one-night music event on August 23: Brownies & VALORADE.



Do you want to watch VALORANT Champions in person in Los Angeles, California? Tickets are on sale now!


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